Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Just ordered my turkey yesterday from Rehoboth Ranch. Here are the details...

TIME TO ORDER THANKSGIVING TURKEYSIf you plan to order a Thanksgiving turkey from Rehoboth Ranch, now would be a good time. We hate to disappoint people by not having what they want, but every year in November, we get dozens and dozens of phone calls from people wanting a turkey, but we are sold out. There are two simple ways to order a turkey:1. Come to one of our farmers' markets (Dallas, Coppell, or McKinney) and sign-up for a turkey. You pay a $25 deposit now to hold the turkey for you, and $25 is subtracted from the final purchase price when you pick up your turkey.2. Send us an email saying that you want to order a turkey, and we will send a reply with some simple questions to answer - how many, how big, where do you want to pick up, etc.? Send us a check for $25 for the deposit, and your turkey is reserved.For more details about types of turkeys available, sizes, prices, etc., please see the turkey ordering section of this newsletter.

They have broad breasted whites and heritage bourbon reds. Who else do you know sells heritage turkeys?

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