Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall in Texas.

The crisp air, Treaty Oak apple cider, Nietschke Roast, Pumpkin Beignets...their is just something about fall in Texas.

Thanks to all who made tonight truly tasteful. Lets hear about your thoughts.

We appreciate your support of Vestals Foods and look forward to serving you soon.


  1. Jordan and crew - it was another wonderful evening. I think it's a given that we all enjoy attending these meals for the food. Last night, as always, it was delicious. (And the gosh. It made for some shameless spoon licking behavior!)

    However, the greatest appeal of these events is the time spent getting to know our fellow diners. As I mentioned on my blog, there's something strange and familiar about every Food Creates Community event. It's amazing how quickly one makes friends around the table.

    Thank you, as always.

  2. The touch of honey drizzled over the butternut squash risotto was a revelation. Thinking back, I think your culinary signature is a propensity to the delicately sweet balancing all an creative way, rather than self-indulgent. The grape kissed reduction poured over the fish way back last fall was another stand up and clap moment. Even the fennel soup last night, with its surprise hints of hazelnut brittle and cranberry glaze had everyone around me raising their eyebrows and swearing allegiance. It was no big surprise that out of the three anonymous bottles on the table this summer, YOUR BBQ sauce was the husky grilled peach flavored option.

    Keep doing what you do and developing that fantastic Jordan taste. Jake and I will be there, waving "Go Jordan!" flags.

  3. Our first time to attend a Food Creates Community dinner lived up to our high expectations. After seeing the pictures of previous events and reading great reviews online, we made the long drive from Oak Cliff with great anticipation (and a healthy appetite).

    Every coarse seemed better than the previous, and the company matched the food. Thank you for not only making such amazing food, but also creating such a warm and lovely evening.

    We look forward to attending another event soon!