Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julia's Chocolate Mousse!

Recipe #345 Chocolate Mousse. We went to watch Julia and Julie today and the movie was infectious. Upon returning home we discovered no less than 3 Julia Child cookbooks buried under piles of Bon Appetit magazines. #345 seemed a perfect fit for our quart of heavy cream and large bag of chocolate chips stored in the fridge...but could we really wait the 7 hours for it to chill? And did we really want to get that many pans dirty on a week night?

As soon as we got going, we had a lot of fun- Emily especially loved having her picture on the blog so FCC fans know that SHE can cook too!!! Can't wait to do more Julia recipes...By the way the mousse is deceivingly light.


  1. Yes, there are recipes, and then there is Emily. As I have been following 'food creates community', my perspective has been that Emily brings life to the recipes she chooses and I've known her from the beginning. She always made a great presentation of the community meal. I think every recipe ought to have a little bit of Emily. Jordan, I respect a chef who cherishes the exceptional ingredient that makes everything come together. Keep up the great work.
    Grant Goodvin, Wichita, KS

  2. I love it! And you already took my idea of cooking and watching the movie! :)