Sunday, April 19, 2009

It didn't rain.

I woke up this morning relieved: we had made it through last night, nothing burned, not too many cancellations, the Lord held back the rain, and everyone enjoyed the pate!

Hosting you is a great plesure. It takes back-breaking work and many hours, but the smiles, laughter and conversation make it all worthwhile (trying hard to remember those as we finish restoring our house and backyard to normal).

It is a joy to meet all of you, food is nothing if we have no one to share it with. I hope to share more with you at future events. Let us know what you thought about the evening...

And also thank you to all of my family(especially my wife) and friends because working and sharing these events with you adds depth and richness to my passion for bringing people together around a common meal.


  1. And thank you so much for a lovely evening. We enjoyed it so much!

  2. Check it out! :

    We head a wonderful time! Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you so much - the whole evening was incredible. Can't wait for the summer event!

  4. your blog (and mission) look wonderful. How can I get involved?