Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting to Know You (Part II)

As the next part in our series, we would like to introduce you to Josh Eason, one of the cooks for the FCC events and self-proclaimed food lover.

How long have you been cooking?
About 10 years

When did you discover your love for cooking?
My mom and grandmother influenced me when I was young. But in junior high and high school my dad and I would travel around Texas in search of great BBQ. We would go to Austin, Abilene, Houston and every small town in-between looking for great BBQ and talking to the owners of these BBQ joints and learning some tricks of the trade. I think that had a big impact on wanting to make great food and learning to smoke meat lead to a desire to explore more about cooking food.

What would you say your cooking style is?
Definitely Southwestern, BBQ, Texas-inspired dishes

Who/What is the biggest influence on your cooking?
Bobby Flay. Even though his name and brand has been heavily marketed in the last five years, his flavors and ingredients have inspired my food for years. Plus, I think he is just a cool guy.

What are the three must-haves in your pantry or refrigerator?
Besides salt and pepper...garlic (a must-have in starting something great), chiles (food is boring without the kick of a good chile pepper) and chorizo (it's my new favorite ingredient)

Describe your ideal meal.
Coffee-rubbed ribeye - the depth of flavor paired with a well-marbled steak is just nutty good!

Where do you see the future of cooking/food heading for you?
Right now it is just my #1 hobby and I love to entertain with food, but working with Vestals Foods has really been a great experience. My dream is to open a bed-and-breakfast when my wife and I retire. She’s great at decorating and making a home feel special and I would love to cook for guests.

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