Saturday, April 10, 2010

Schedule Update.

Food Creates Community is looking forward to a great late spring and summer schedule...

May 1st - FCC in Abilene, TX (back to the college days) Sold Out.
Supporting Connecting Caring Communities -

May 21st - - Sold Out.
A night of TX style Spanish Tapas - 20 a person

June 10th - - Sold Out.
A FCC favorite - Backyard BBQ - 30 a person

August 28th -
Back from a culinary trip to Europe come enjoy late summer flavors - 50 a person

Look forward to having you at our table.


  1. Jordan and Emily- if you are ever putting on an event in Houston, let us know and we will be there!

  2. Found this via Kara's FB page.. I see you two are going to ESPAÑA. Can I hop in the suitcase? :) Well, your blog and FCC concept is pretty rad. Very unique. Praise God. Well, be blessed and safe travels! Drink some Rioja para mi, por favor! and give Kara a big hug if you see her, as well :)