Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year.

A new year means a new schedule.

But before we put the finishing touches on our spring and summer schedule, we wanted to see what new ideas or locations you had for our FCC dinners. We have experienced tremendous response in 2009 and know that 2010 will be full of great local food and times spent around the table.

Let us know what themes or ideas you have for FCC as we look into the new year!


  1. Jordan, what about each gathering supporting a different local cause, then you are not only providing food and fellowship but awareness. A portion of $ going to them and giving people an opportunity to donate more.

    hope we can make one!


  2. I like that. We have discussed this in the past, in fact a couple from our first dinner thought that charitable giving was the point of the dinner. We always try to incorporate the story of the food into our dinners, so why not expose the stories of worthy organizations in and around Dallas.